The 2012-13 Economic Stimulus
Package for Chiropractors

Dr. Donald Stokes has put
together some of the finest
training tools in the industry
to help chiropractors
expand their practices,
in many instances through
their current patient base
who are decision makers
or influencers at their own
“chiropractic first
for every worker™”

"The Next Generation
of Chiropractic
Earn thousands of dollars annually using this program!
The Current BICS 2020 Manual,
Flip Chart and Powerpoint
Presentation Now on 2 DVD's
Low Introductory Price $99
Dr. B. Pizza recommends the BICS 2020™ Program
"I have known Dr. Stokes since 1984 when I purchased his
original BICS package and attended his seminar.  Dr. Stokes
continues to make good things happen for chiropractic.  The
BICS 2020™ Program is up-to-date and will help your office
meet the challenges facing chirropractic today.  Get his program.
He knows by experience what he teaches and has put in the
BICS 2020™ Program.  Assign a CA to use it and enjoy what
happens to your practice."
  • New Patients – an ongoing source
  • Greater appreciation for you in your community
  • More awareness of the benefits available from
          Chiropractic care.
  • Nothing else to purchase.  No contracts.
  • Vital for educating politicians interested in
          Healthcare Reform
  • Proven for over 30 years
What the BICS 2020™ Community Marketing Program does for you...

It creates an extremely profitable method of educating decision makers who can direct people in your community to your office for care and wellness services.

Use this program to build patient loyalty and grow your patient base.

This DVD set gives you all the tools and proven steps which you or your staff will need to be successful.  Just follow the step-by-step guide and begin showing it to your patients.  They will, when asked, do much of the work, saving you time and money.

Your risk is almost nil–for a limited time, purchase the package for only $99.

Additional help is always just a phone call or email away.

Don't Wait!  Order Today and Save $100 over the regular price.
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An introduction to powerful bottom-line marketing that will expose your practice to business and industry
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