Complete BICS 2020™ Package on DVD's.

Includes the latest version of the BICS 2020™ Professional Presentation and easy access to the Complete, up-to-date Marketing and Implementation Manual, both tools on one DVD.  This package offers affiliated doctors limited use of the BICS 2020™ Logo, their clinic posting on the National Referral List and the “Second Opinion DVD”.  This unique television style broadcast offers a 60 Minutes type format featuring a historical perspective of BICS affiliated doctors helping organizations save time and money while delivering excellent care, wellness and injury prevention services.

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Chiropractic Industrial Physical Exam DVD

2-hour training DVD shows the steps to a comprehensive physical exam and pre-employment examination.  An excellent resource.

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Complete Injury Prevention Program

Filmed in the Wild West, using stunt cowboys and cowgirls.  This entertaining and educational injury prevention program and DVD based PowerPoint presentations gives you the tools to allow employers and employees to realize big savings.  Simple understanding of chiropractic principals of correct postures in all tasks and a little knowledge of their spine and bodies will lead to less injuries and costs.  This program positions you, the Doctor of Chiropractic as the expert to help solve this problem.  Not only that, you can become the referral doctor when injuries do occur. “Backstage” is the 27 minute DVD training program used in classes along with the PowerPoint slides to reinforce the simple concepts presented in the training movie. “Come on Back” an 8 minute DVD based presentation has been designed to sell decision makers on hiring you for this service.   Written handouts are included.

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BICS 2020 ™ Telemarketing Program

A successful patient acquisition tool to build your practice.  No gimmicks.  Gain valuable information while increasing new patients.  Easy to implement.

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BICS 2020™ Training Seminar

One day program designed to acquaint doctors & staff to the BICS 2020™ tools and skills for successful marketing to business, industry, unions and other organizations.  Also learn of DOT  Physicals, an Injury Prevention Program, satellite mini-clinics within business and more. One fee covers doctors and 3 additional staff members. 

Regular Price $495.00    
(Refresher Only - No Package)

"I purchased Dr. Stokes' program in Miami.  I am now a company or referral doctor for six out of seven companies I contacted, with 2,100 potential patients."

Bayonne New Jersey
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Dr. Donald Stokes has put together some of the finest training tools in the industry to help chiropractors expand their practices, in many instances through their current patient base who are decision makers or influencers at their own companies.

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Complete BICS 2020™ Package with DVD's & Printed Materials

Includes the latest Flip Chart Presentation, 138 pg Marketing & Implementation Manual, limited use of the BICS 2020™ Logo, clinic posted on the National Referral List, "Second Opinion DVD"  This unique production has been designed to influence business decision makers on the value of chiropractic services for their organizations illustrating stories of success, testimonials and proof in a newscast format.  Also included is the Presentations Powerpoint DVD for educating large groups.

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Business Development Services

Dr. Stokes and staff will provide marketing, consultation and implementation services to a very limited number of doctors. 6 month minimum contract, flat fee investment of $950 month. This service is only available to BICS 2020™ affiliated doctors. Using phone, conference calls and web based presentations we implement this program on your behalf to those decision makers you arrange for us to share a special web based BICS 2020™ presentation on behalf of your office.  You decide which business leaders we promote your office to in your area. 

By Agreement (Please phone for details)

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